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Jesus would be wrong to say that the salt loses its flavor (salt)? -Why Apostle Peter said that the woman is the weaker vessel?

Jesus would be wrong to say that the salt loses its flavor (salt)?
Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt loses its flavor, how shall it be salted? For nothing but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men
(Matt. 5.13).
Luciano Rogerio de Souza

It is known that salt, chemically, is never influenced, he will always influence other elements. That is, there is no substance that can neutralize the taste of salt. All are influenced by their taste (salinity).
But the Dead Sea salt was (is) different from sea salt. Salt relevant to the Dead Sea region is not pure! It is mixed with various minerals, a fact that made dilute, becoming tasteless (bland).
The function of salt (Christian) is salting, protect and preserve. If they lose the same purposes, for nothing. Christians who do not perform these roles, have no use for the Kingdom of God. In conclusion there is no inconsistency in the statement of Jesus chemistry. Because God is the same and never misses. Research showing that the Dead Sea salt is different from the others, Jesus knew from eternity.

Why Apostle Peter said that the woman is the weaker vessel?
  Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with them according to knowledge, giving honor unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel [...].
(1 Peter 3:7)
Luciano Rogerio de Souza

In the days of Peter the woman was considered an object, concept posted by Greco-Roman culture. The company then conceituava that the woman was physically and emotionally fragile. And because of this weakness were treated as objects.
It was Christianity that recognized the female, with a being and not as an object! Judaism and Islam still defend the objectification of women. However Christian men should (should) treat women with tenderness for differences of non-Christians.
Among the many theories about the woman one is true: it is more emotionally fragile by hormonal factor (moot point). This concept needs to be respected and observed, about the fragility of women. They are more emotional.
Recently, research exemplifies well this feminine weakness. Headed households (led) by women are indebted (every rule has an exception). Why? Because of emotions! They do not know dosas between reason and emotion. Governed by emotions never say no to kids (every rule has an exception). The children ask for something that will blow the budget this month, mothers do not have the courage to say no (proper and emotion). Rather resort to credit cards, loans, overdrafts, etc.. Do not run rationality to explain that what the children (as) wish is outside the financial realities that moment.
But women have their peculiarities. They are more organized, but resistant to pain, live longer than men on average, are more dedicated and loving.
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