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Diary of Caught

Jesus is Lord and Savior will return ...



I was praying (2014) ... when memories came to an episode ... Everyone was looking for me ... where snapper? was about 4/5 years ... I called my mother to go to church ... It did not work! So I decided to go alone ... and went ... When the people realized: where Luciano? when I returned I was asked by my mother - Where were you? I said - I went to church !! I called the lady ... did not want to go ... So I went ...
Jesus Christ told me in prayer, "was my spirit" ... HALLELUJAHHHHH
on the trunk and roots (John 15: 1, 2)              

You will walk along paths that you think are not of God ...

The year was 1999! When the prophet thus foretold: "You will walk along paths that you think are not of God ... is Jesus will guide you there ..." I thought theology (study of God - Hosea 4: 6; John 5: 39; 1 Tim. 4: 13; 2 Timothy 4. 13) was the devil ... You live and learn ... hallelujah


The Rapture of mind

It was in 1999 ... I beginning in faith in Christ Jesus. I had never prayed over 20 minutes. One day I went to church to pray. I started to cry (was alone). I had prayed for one hour. When suddenly I was in the Spirit (2 Corinthians 12: 1-5.). I had an unforgettable experience! A voice said, "felt" - I feel a tremendous joy and unforgettable ... Unforgettable ... Unforgettable ... The voice went on to say - "But if you do not keep my Gospel" - I felt a also unforgettable thing! In human / feeling words: think of a pain of a tooth that throbs! Forever ... forever ... forever ...
I had prayed for an hour and a half ... This happened in 1999 ...


It was on 31/12/2001, was over the consecration of deacons! I was approached by the evangelist Jovino (my friend) who prophesied - "God sent speaks to you, that in the middle of the year is over ... for He is in a hurry ... in the middle of the year, you will rise more step ..." . I even doubt the prophecy, because there would be no separation in the middle of the year, only at the end! I got to say - "my friend Jovino moved."

The day of June Supper! Pastor Sergio Jara Canhete, received a revelation - "God is wanting someone separate the presbytery ... where Luciano (I was the head of the deacons) ..." I introduced myself! He said - come here ... It is there in the middle (of the side of the table of elements: body and blood) ... Workers down, please ... Let's say a prayer ... God is separating today to Luciano the presbytery ... tomorrow the church will only confirm ... "But today God is separating ...". It was a unique separation: only I was separated, that night we (June 2002, sector 9 - Boa Vista, Campo Grande - Ms) was celebrating the Lord's Supper ...

The turn of 2012 to 2013
I prayed to Jesus Christ (my friend) who wanted to win many souls that year that started. One Sunday in January 2013, the Holy Spirit spoke to me: "why do not evangelized by phone (send messages)? Later that year (2013). I was praying in the morning! It was the day of the Lord's Supper, when the Holy Spirit told me:.. "Messes on your phone, it will find a way of sending messages faster" For Sundays, my arms was a lot of pain to both send messages I sent about 1000 messages a day!
JOHN 15: 14

Praying always ... (Pedagogy)
At the end of 2005 broke out in my heart to my degree in Education! It was a desire to teach in Sunday school with excellence (Romans 12: 7)! I studied my part, then I joined in prayer, asking the Lord Jesus (my friend) that you reveal to me the theme of writing! One day around midnight (praying), the soft voice said, "public safety." I raised the idea of the ready writing.
The day came result of the entrance exam. I spent in eleventh. But the list of those who have gone: a mystery! The rg / cpf were right. But Luciano Rogerio appeared light (call list) ...

On the trunk and the roots - John 15: 1, 2

Known ... known ... known ...

It was January 2014 ... I went to the cult of garden Karina (Paranaíba / MS). Service started! He greeted me the priest Elerson Batista Gomes, was taken by the Spirit of the Lord Jesus, he prophesied, "you will still be very happy! will also be known ... known ... known ... "Jesus my Friend and my God ...

The Eagle

When I read this ... I confess that I was afraid (Job 3: 25) ... But really, was already proclaimed, the table of my heart ... (JESUS HAD TALKED ME):
  "The eagle, after a certain age, isolates himself from the pack and after booting all their feathers and beak, born again (there is a branch) harder!" - (Isaiah 40: 28 -31).


One day I was rested ... taking a nap ... The television was on ... when suddenly, I woke up ... a doctor was explaining how does one avc ... that explanation was in my soul ... I pray ... "Jesus ... my father died of a brain aneurysm 42 years ... have mercy on me ..." so I prayed ..
When reminded that explanation ... He entered with a cry ... He spent his hands on his head - "Jesus my dear ... have mercy on me ... my father died at 42, victim of a avc ...". Here I am writing ... with consequences ...


After my desert (stroke - 03/04/14) ... In I spent hospitalized in Três Lagoas / Ms ... I returned to Paranaiba ... A few days later ... I had a feeling ... A thirst inexplicable ... Something strong stuck inside me ... I had to leave ... yet raised with great difficulty ... the right side of the crooked whole body ... I knelt down behind me on the bed, with a seat (Psalm 42: 1, 2) unexplained ... The coiled tongue ... I said: "JESUS ​​I LOVE YOU EVEN MORE" ... HALLELUJAHHHHHHH
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